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Hello everyone,
Gratitude to customers who have supported us over the past 3 years with more than 1 hundred thousand products have come to customers, with the satisfaction and trust of customers, today we introduced the program to receive free T-shirts. You do not have to buy or have to order and still have the shirts you like to do is extremely simple to fill in the link below. After you finish we will randomly select 10 lucky customers every day to send gift t-shirts. Your chances of winning are up to 50%, you only need a few seconds to fill out the information to have the opportunity to receive immediately the pond you require, best design, best print quality. Try your luck right now.

Available for usa customer only.
Complete the form ( Submit Email, name,address..and some information. We need this information to send you gifts) Click Here

What will you get?

– 10% discount when shopping on Teeflat
– Get free T-shirts on our store that you like (we will ship to your address free of charge).

– Prepaid visa gift card balance upto 300$ ( Pay for everything you want)


Condition to receive T-shirts

 You only need to fill in the form at the link below (including email, zip code, name .. can add some information) we will send the shirt to you according to this information.

Is this true?

Our company has been operating for over 3 years, every year there are hundreds of thousands of T-shirts are delivered to customers around the world. We have a large number of loyal customers, this is the gratitude to customers trust us.

Why do I have to fill in the form and submit?

We need some information such as name, age, address, zipcode, email … to be able to send gifts to customer address, so please fill in to receive gifts from us.

All are free?

All are free?
Exactly, it’s free, it only takes a few seconds to send the recipient information to us.

If you have other questions, please contact us.

[email protected]

Thank you.

teeflat gifts - Free T-shirt
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